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Sheet quality

The Infinity base offers a high degree of contact points and base uniformity. This results in a more uniform pressing surface.

Increased pressing uniformity in the nip has the advantage to deliver a smoother sheet.

Additionally, dewatering is increased improving overall dryness.

High durability

The Infinity base structure combination ensures that each component does its proper job. The Infinity base interaction allows for high compressibility and resiliency to improve dewatering and keep the fabric cleaner. The cleaner, more open, saturated structure helps maintain the overall sheet side surface integrity of the fabric structure. Less fiber loss from the conditioning equipment is experienced due to maintained water flow and overall fabric cleanliness.

Engineered seam zone

Infinity products can be ordered with or without a seam. For the seamed product, the Infinity seam loops are perfectly formed with identical loop length, roundness and spacing.

The result is extremely fast and easy seaming. The time saved can now be used on other important shut-down tasks.

Quick start-up and steady-state operation

The Infinity laminated structure increases dewatering through mid-nip resiliency. The Infinity bases run with a thinner caliper thereby shortening the flow path of the exiting water. Infinity will reach optimum saturation faster to attain desired machine speeds faster, while the increased water flow through the structure flushes out contaminants to keep the fabric clean and maintain steady-state operation.

Extraordinary width stability

The Infinity manufacturing process produces excellent in-plane stability. Very little widening or lengthening is observed.

Guiding, tracking, wandering, trimming are all words of the past. From a dimensional standpoint, Infinity is a perfect fit.

Proven quality

Tests in the Voith Paper Technology Center in Heidenheim, Germany have clearly shown that Infinity offers great dewatering performance and delivers high paper quality.

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"A successful press fabric is a combination of special dewatering enhancing and anti-rewetting capillaries, plus an extremely elastic felt which comprises good compressibility, fast recovery and long term compaction resistance. Infinity provides state of the art pressing performance for your paper machine."

Frank Opletal
Senior Vice President R&D, Voith Paper Fabric & Roll Systems


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Global Product Manager Press Section
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